GB-Box came up from a friendship. Chats, interests, risks and willpower started a journey which we knew little about and which is, so far, just beginning.

Developing mobile apps is like modifying people’s daily lives. We take our cellphones everywhere we go, and it’s to him we appeal while waiting for attendance in some office, when we seek for information, or even when we want to read something in the bathroom. Anytime, anywhere. At GB-Box, we are savvy users of mobile computing and we love the entertainment our gadgets provides us. Because of that, we know how important is the quality level of this kind of applications and seek to exceed your expectations.

We are motivated by one in common pleasure: to create.

Bruno Assarisse | Programmer

Dealing with numbers and codes is his task, or rather, his daily grace. Appreciates simplicity and tends to perfectionism.

Gustavo Fornazier | Designer

Easily excited by animation and loves visual effects. He develops the graphics and all the necessary interfaces for the applications. Author of the idea that started GB-Box.

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