GB-Box brings you another fantastic idea, Giratop!

What matters here is your agility. The game consists in matching the requested color, rotating the device to the correct position in a timely manner. If the green color is called, quickly point it upward to score! Slightly different, some modes will give you a fixed sequence to be reproduced, and your score will depend on how fast you finish identifying the colors.

Giratop brings several game modes, for you to play alone or with your folks. In the Singleplayer modes, besides competing and comparing your scores with the whole world through Game Center, you will be able to tell your friends about your progress using Twitter or Facebook. The Multiplayer modes can be played by several people with only one device.

Download it right now and surprise yourself with this super fun game.

Giratop: spin your ability!


Main features:
– 4 Singleplayer modes (Survival, Madness, Repeater and Arcade)
– 3 Multiplayer modes (Elimination, Pass and Guess)
– Game Center Leaderboards integration
– Infinite hours of gameplay
– Exclusive gameplay through the accelerometer


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